Exceptional mould treatment gets rid of mould, moss, lichen, algae and black grime

We provide specialist services for mould removal Waikato-wide. Our carefully-tested formula breaks down the following:

  • Moss and mould – Moss and mould are generally dark green and can be quite thick, hold water on the surface and also stubbornly grip onto roof and ground surfaces.
  • Lichen – Lichen is a combination of algae and fungus and is usually light green in colour. It can be acidic and has strands that can penetrate into the roof, eventually breaking down the surface.
  • Black grime – Black grime is a type of algae that is streaky in appearance. Black grime has a ‘dulling effect’ resulting in surfaces that look unattractive, dirty and worn out.

If your roof or any ground surface like driveways or patios require mould treatment, rest assured that all products and necessary equipment are provided. We are totally self-sufficient and only requires an outside tap and access around your home.

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Three solid promises we make to homeowners

Whether you live in Hamilton, Cambridge or Morrinsville, we care about your house and garden. Every homeowner can be assured of these three promises:

  1. Zero damage caused to your roof – The number of broken tiles and dented coloursteel roofs we see is disheartening. We will not cause any damage to your roof by standing on it.
  2. All plants and garden areas carefully protected – The product we use is non-toxic and doesn’t kill plants. We will water everything around the roof and ground treatment areas to ensure no overspray is left to sit on them.
  3. Zero reliance on product run-off – We applie the treatment directly onto all surfaces and doesn’t rely on product run-off from the top of the roof to work its way down. The treatment is sprayed directly onto the roof (instead of down onto it) ensuring all tile edges or tile shaped roofs receive superior treatment cover.

Every precaution is taken to protect your gutters during gutter and roof cleaning

We undertake meticulous gutter and roof cleaning, and we guarantee not to stand on your roof*. So that nothing is leaning against your gutters, we carry out treatments from a free standing A-frame ladder. When needing to avoid or manoeuvre around certain items on the ground, a slide ladder with protective, non-marking rubbers is used. The slide ladder is not used on PVC gutters.

We offer two options for gutter cleaning. For single storey houses, we can remove all debris from your gutter and then jet wash inside to ensure all contaminants have been removed. Please note that this is NOT a high-pressure water blast jet wash. The second option is to undertake the first step and then wash the outside of your gutters.

We guarantee NOT to stand on your roof!*

* dependent on access & roof pitch.

Ten reasons our mould removal product works so well on gutter cleaning, roof treatment and roof cleaning

We use a mould removal product that is proven to be more effective than any off-the-shelf product that can be purchased by the public. Ten reasons we recommend our product for gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and root treatment are:

  1. Faster, more aggressive initial result with longer lasting residual effects
  2. Treatment immediately kills moss, mould, black grime and lichen within the first 24 hours
  3. No pressure, slow release cleaner that cleans over time
  4. Treatment leaves an invisible film on the surface that is activated by the elements (wind, rain, sun and humidity)
  5. Treatment keeps the surface clear of new growth for up to one year
  6. No damage, streaking or fading of ground or roof surfaces
  7. Non-toxic to plants and gardens
  8. Chlorine, bleach and caustic free
  9. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  10. Produced in New Zealand, supporting local business

Using our specialist mould treatment for ground surfaces (concrete, stonework, brick and timber) is safer than water blasting

Although ground areas can become slippery and unsightly due to mould, water blasting is not the answer. The treatment we use for ground surfaces is longer lasting than water blasting because an invisible film is left that is activated by the elements and continues to work over the course of a year. The mould treatment we use is also safer than water blasting as outlined below:

  • Concrete and plain, coloured and exposed aggregate – Using our mould removal treatment there is zero risk of concrete fines being blasted off the surface causing it to be pitted or broken down. There is also zero risk of stones being blown out with exposed aggregate or damaging concrete fines that hold the stones in.
  • Pavers, bricks and stonework – Using our mould treatment there is zero risk of sand being blown out, causing pavers to shift and become uneven.
  • Timber decks and steps – Using our mould removal treatment there is zero risk of splitting, bleach marking or damage caused by water blasting or pressure washing.

Homeowners give feedback on our mould removal treatment

Mould Patrol was recommended to John Davies by a friend, and he decided to use us to treat his house roof and paved driveway. John says: “The spraying process was both professional, and great care was taken with our home and especially with our plants. The treatment has worked very well and the results have been spectacular. I have no hesitation in recommending Mould Patrol”.

Peter Finnerty sought us out to remove moss, mould, lichen and black grime from his house roof. Peter says: “The main reason I chose Mould Patrol was Justin assured me that they would not stand on my roof, I did not want anyone on my roof causing any kind of damage. Justin and Kerrilee carried out the treatment exactly as they said they would and watered all our plants as well to ensure that there was no chance of damage. My roof has a noticeable improvement in appearance already, and the treatment still has several more months of cleaning to do. I am very happy to recommend Mould Patrol”.

For phenomenal ground surface cleaning, roof cleaning and gutter cleaning, contact us today. After you fill in the online form, you will be contacted within two business hours with your free quote.

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